Huancayo Hotels and Accommodation

(Huancayo, Junin, Peru)

Photo of central lodgingThe choice of accommodation in Huancayo is very much a mixture, with sensibly priced hotels and also cheaper homestay options being available. If possible, do try lodging with a local family, since homestays in Huancayo not only provide good value, but also a true taste of Peruvian culture.

Those intent on luxury accommodation will find that Huancayo has little to offer in this field. However, many of the city's hotels feature modern facilities and are more than adequate for most visiting tourists, with reservations rarely being essential. The most upmarket lodging tends to come in the form of swanky ranches in the city's suburbs, with all room rates rising during local festivals, particularly during the Easter Holy Week celebrations.

Picture of plaza fountain

Where to Stay

La Casa de la Abuela provides very tourist friendly lodging and is on the north-easterly side of the train station, off the Giraldez, where it is run by Incas del Peru. Another cheap accommodation option comes in the form of the very spacious Huancayo Hotel Confort, which is located on the Ancash and just a stone's throw from the Plaza de la Constitucion. Near to the Confort and also Huancayo's grand cathedral, the very modern Hotel los Balcones on the Puno is easy to spot, being fronted with a series of small balconies.

Still in the centre of Huancayo and bordering the southern side of the Plaza de la Constitucion, both the Hostal Santa Felicita and the somewhat more upscale Hotel Kiya provide well-placed accommodation for sightseers. However, do bear in mind that whilst hotels next to the plaza are close to the action, the square can become a little noisy at night.