Rio de Janeiro Shopping and Districts

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Obelisk photoThose planning a shopping expedition in Rio de Janeiro will find plenty of choice, ranging from lively Brazilian markets to trendy fashion boutiques within the Zona Sul area. If you are shopping for handicrafts and souvenirs of your time in Rio de Janeiro, then the neigbourhood of Santa Teresa is a good place to start.

The works of many local artisans are readily available within Santa Teresa, with handmade dolls, paintings, jewellery, baskets, woven rugs and porcelain all being especially popular. Rio de Janeiro is also home to a number of spacious malls, which are known locally as simply 'shoppings', as well as some vibrant markets.

Picture of central road

Where to Shop

The truly vast Feira Nordestina fair in Sao Cristovao is a good place for a combination of shopping and entertainment in the city and takes place each weekend, attracting literally hundreds of market stalls.

Another very notable market is the Babilonia Feira Hype on the Rua Jardim Botanico, which is conveniently close to the city's beautiful botanical gardens and tends to attract a younger crowd, since live bands often perform here.

City viewIf you favour shopping malls, then you won't be disappointed with the selection on offer in Rio de Janeiro. Most of the shopping malls tend to open between 10:00 and 22:00 Monday to Saturday, and often open on Sundays as well, from 15:00 to 22:00.

Lying within central Rio de Janeiro is the Rio Sul Mall, which stands on the Rua Lauro Muller and is especially close to the Botafogo Praia Shopping Mall. For fashion boutiques, pay a visit to the Sao Conrado Fashion Mall on the Estada da Gavea, while for the best selection of stores, the Barra Shopping on the Avenida das Americas is the place to be, boasting in excess of 500 different shops, 40 restaurants and no less than five cinemas.