Rio de Janeiro Hotels and Accommodation

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Coastal picture, showing beachfront hotelsThe neverending popularity of Rio de Janeiro as a holiday destination has ensured that hotels remain in good supply, with plenty of accommodation spread around the city. In recent years, the lodging scene in Rio de Janeiro has greatly improved and no longer are hotels simply uninspiring high-rise towers with basic facilities.

Much of the accommodation within Rio de Janeiro has now been updated and considerable reinvestment has seen much improvement, with a host of new hotels opening. Booking ahead is always a sensible option and simply by reserving your room ahead of your arrival, you can often save up to 30 percent.

Further beachfront view

Where to Stay

Do bear in mind at hotels are at their most expensive during the Brazilian summer season (December to February), as well as around Christmas time and during the famous Rio carnival season. At these times, many of the hotels in Rio de Janeiro will only book accommodation in blocks of four days or more.

Those holidaying in Rio de Janeiro for more than just a few days may like to consider renting an apartment, with short-term rentals usually fairly easy to come by. Alternatively, the hotels around the Ipanema and Leblon areas of Rio de Janeiro offer the best coastal views and are well-placed for beach access.

Beachfront photo of high-rise lodgingBoth Ipanema and Leblon have become something of a tourist hotspot and accommodation here is generally more expensive, although modest, cheaper lodging is often available if you look hard enough.

Reliable mid-range accommodation in Ipanema and Leblon includes the Ducasse Rio Hotel on the Rua Sa Ferreira, and next to the Copacabana Beach, the Atlantis, the Apa Hotel and the Toledo. At the top end, hotels in Rio de Janeiro don't come much better than the Orla Copacabana, the Le Meridien Othon Palace and the Copacabana Palace, the latter of which tends to be where rock stars and heads of state stay.