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Essential museum
I had been in Brazil just under a month by the time I got to Curitiba, which meant that I had seen more than my fair share of Oscar Niemeyer buildings. Imagine my delight then, when I found out that they had a museum dedicated to the man right here in Curitiba. Definitely my main highlight of the city.
Posted on 17/3/2012 by Fergal O'Dreadon

Tranquil and beautiful
After a day of museums and seeing the sights in Curitiba, we wished to take a breather somewhere. As we were around a mile from the city centre, the Jardim Botanica de Curitiba botanical gardens were thankfully within reach. This is a nice place for anyone to spend time in.
Posted on 24/12/2011 by Jayne Metcalfe

Re. Honey Island
If you enjoyed Honey Island for its nature and wildlife, I would like to recommend Parque Estadual Vila Velha park - especially if the distance of Honey Island from Curitiba was an issue for you. This particular park I'm talking about is less than three miles from Curitiba! Enjoy!
Posted on 1/5/2010 by S Dos Santos

Honey Island
Loved every minute spent on Honey Island, even after a testing 115 km trip from the centre of Curitiba. The State Nature Reserve here is not to be missed and I was left with little doubt as to why Brazilians call this place 'Paradise on Earth'. Easy to arrange transport to and from here despite the long distance.
Posted on 12/1/2010 by Sean Beevers

Who would've thunk it?
I must admit that I scoffed when someone recommended the Graciosa Highway to me as a tourist attraction. What those that recommended it to me were getting at though is that I should hire a car and take a drive up and down the highway as it offers some of the most scenic views of this particular part of Brazil. Cozy with wonderful landscape.
Posted on 13/3/2008 by Richard Gretthorpe