Izmir Shopping and Districts

(Izmir, Turkey)

Picture showing central shopsThe city of Izmir is certainly a shopping haven in Turkey, with colourful and other rather chaotic open-air markets being very much the order of the day, especially within the historical market district of Kemeralti. Shopping at Turkish markets in Izmir is a great way to experience a little of the local culture and offers an excellent opportunity to pick up some bargains, especially if you are prepared to haggle over the prices.

Always popular in Izmir are the Turkish carpets and hand-woven rugs, although most will be a little too big for a suitcase and may need to be posted home. Buying a Turkish carpet is often an experience in itself, since the most friendly of shopkeepers will take their time selling their wares, and usually offer refreshments.

Different image of the city centre

Where to Shop

The Kizlaragasi Han is amongst the city's very best bazaars and offers everything from ceramics and antiques, to jewellery, souvenirs and of course, the tasty jelly-like Turkish delights and similar confectionary.

There is also a very traditional shopping vibe to be found around Konak Pier, which is around just a minute or two away from the Clock Tower.

Aerial view of shoppers and central storesAlso of note in Izmir is the Karsiyaka Carsi shopping centre, which is close to the Karsiyaka Pier and features an truly excellent selection of local stores. This is consequently usually a very busy part of the city.

Those who prefer more modern malls to markets will find that Izmir also fulfills on that front, with sizable shopping complexes at both Ozdilek and also EGS Park.