Izmir Tourist Attractions and Sightseeing

(Izmir, Turkey)

Photo of horse and carriage ride, awaiting passengersMany of Izmir's very best tourist attractions can be seen by simply strolling around the Konak Square, the Kordon and the coastline of the Aegean Sea. During the Turkish summers, tourists flock to the plentiful beach attractions surrounding the city of Izmir, and also to the Zoological Gardens within the Kultur Park (Culture Park).

Always popular is the Izmir Asansor, which at more than 100 years old is amongst the city's most historical attractions. This elevator was actually completed in 1907 being built to enable local Turkish residents to connect the streets of Halilrifatpasa and Mithatpasa, which are separated by some 155 steps. Alternatively, for some equally arresting views, take a ride on one of the city's Teleferic cable cars.

Elevator (Asansor)

Address: Izmir, Turkey, TR
When the Asansor elevator was first used is was driven by a simple water-operated mechanism, although today is powered by electricity. Tourists using the Asansor will be pleased to find a good restaurant awaiting at the top, where you can dine whilst soaking in some glorious city views from this elevated setting.
Open hours: daily
Admission: charge

Foca Beach view


Address: Izmir, Turkey, TR
Being located on the north-westerly shoreline of Turkey and the Aegean Sea, Izmir has much to offer in the way of naturally formed beaches, secluded bays and coastal attractions. Many beaches really are just a short distance from the actual city centre, with the most popular offering a good selection of facilities and including those at Ahmetbeyli, Aliaga, Cesme, Dikili, Foca, Gumuldur, Seferihisar, Selcuk, Sigacik and also Urla. During the sunny summer months, the beaches soon fill up with tourists and are usually close to seasonal resorts with large swimming pools.
Open hours: daily - 24 hours
Admission: free

Picture of the Teleferic (Teleferik)

Teleferic (Teleferik)

Address: Izmir, Turkey, TR
For some of the best vantage points possible around Izmir, take a ride on the Teleferic cable cars and be sure to bring your camera. In operation since the late seventies, the Teleferic transports literally hundreds of passengers each day and climbs to a height of more than 420 metres / 1,380 feet. At the hilltop, a selection of attractions await, including eateries and shops selling all kinds of Turkish souvenirs.
Open hours: daily
Admission: charge

Turkish Baths (Hamams)

Address: Izmir, Turkey, TR
If you fancy experiencing an authentic Turkish bath (similar to a sauna), then Izmir won't disappoint, with the Sifali Lux Hamam being a particularly inviting bathing attraction and well worth searching out, and well known for its domed interior and marble finishing. Be sure to allow plenty of time to savour the entire experience, which commences within the 'warm room' being followed by the 'hot room', a full body wash and then a massage. Bathers then retire to the 'cooling room' to unwind and cool down.
Open hours: daily
Admission: charge

Culture Park image

Culture Park and Zoo (Kultur Park Alani / Kulturpark)

Address: Kultur Park Alani, Izmir, Turkey, TR
Culture Park is best known locally as Kultur Park and provides a very important green space in the city, next to Kahramaniar and Mimarsinan, offering plenty of respite and family related attractions. Kultur Park is where you will discover Turkey's most historic zoo, which encompasses just under 5 acres / 2 hectares in total and is filled with exotic creatures from around the world, with some 90 species on display. Izmir Zoo is understandably popular and enjoys high annual visitor numbers, which are rapidly approaching half a million. Other attractions in the Culture Park include two prominent art galleries, the Museum of Art and History and also the Museum of Arts and Sculpture.
Open hours: daily - seasonal variations
Admission: free, charge for zoo

Izmir Bird's Paradise / Bird National Park

Address: Cigli, Izmir, Turkey, TR
The Izmir Bird's Paradise in the Cigli district is close to the area of Karsiyaka. This is nothing short of a bird watcher's haven and boasts more than 200 different species of birds, which are both native and migratory. The park itself covers around 19,770 acres / 8,000 hectares and has remained a protected nature reserve since the early 1990s. Many walking trails are on hand and provide the best vantage points available.
Open hours: daily - seasonal attractions
Admission: charge