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Re. On a par with Pompei
No idea why it's not on the UNESCO list either. The best views in my opinion were in 'The Shed' right on the side of that hill.
Posted on 16/12/2011 by Tilly

On a par with Pompei
They didn't have to twist our arms when we were offered a day-trip to the Ancient City just 35 miles from Izmir. For me this is on a par with Italy's Pompei and I can't see why it's not a World Heritage Site. Incredible historic attraction and recommended to all although it was difficult to find out where the best views were from.
Posted on 5/11/2011 by G Hollingworth

Re. Enjoyed it more than the Ancient City
Actually it was built in 110 A.D., which makes it even more amazing! Did you check out the theatre too? Any tour of Ephesus is incomplete without it, in my humble opinion. Amazing how they've been able to keep it like that so long.
Posted on 9/6/2010 by Jaybird

Enjoyed it more than the Ancient City
Don't get me wrong, the Ancient City is great and has a library too but I enjoyed the Celsus Library most of all in Izmir. It was better restored than the one in the Ancient City in my opinion and was one of Ephesus' finest buildings of two stories. Originally built in 210 A.D., amazing!
Posted on 12/4/2010 by R Fitzsimmons

See how the wealthy Romans lived
I got a chance to learn more on Roman history in Izmir province, Turkey when I visited The Terrace Houses just under 35 miles from the centre of Izmir City. Astounding that they are still discovering more artefacts and such to this day. Who knows what they might have unearthed by the time I visit again next summer!
Posted on 15/3/2009 by R Babbitt