Zurich Maps and Orientation

(Zurich, Switzerland)

The most famous of Switzerland's cities and known for its high concentration of banks, Zurich has grown into a major cultural centre. Zurich has long been Switzerland's capital city and lies on the north-eastern side of the country, to the far north of Zürichsee.

Almost 400,000 people now live in the Swiss city of Zurich and the metropolitan region is actually home to just over one million inhabitants. The very centre of Zurich is divided by the Limmat River and many of its most appealing buildings and attractions line the river banks. The Hauptbahnhof (main railway station) can be found on the western side of the river, next to the Museumstrasse, and is conveniently within walking distance of the actual city centre itself.

Maps and Orientation of the City

Although Zurich displays a certain amount of charm, it is a very busy and noisy city. Navigating your way around the city is best done using a good map. Free maps are available at the Zurich Tourist Office, within the main hall of the railway station, and also rather surprisingly at a number of the larger banking branches, such as Credit Suisse. Banks dominate the city centre and large branches stand on the majority of the main street corners.

Map of Switzerland

Switzerland map

Map of Zurich

Zurich map