Zurich Hotels and Accommodation

(Zurich, Switzerland)

View of guest houses overlooking the River LimmatA leading financial city, many of the hotels in Zurich cater well for visiting business travellers during the week, particularly those around the Paradeplatz. However, since money is often not an issue with many of these visitors and their large expense accounts, you can expect accommodation around Zurich to be of a high standard, with a high price to match, although weekend rates are regularly discounted.

There are some relatively cheap hotels to be found around central Zurich, but the best ones are quickly snapped up and can become booked solid, so arrive early or alternatively book ahead. Availability and price of accommodation is also influenced by local festivals and the additional demand for rooms that they create. Crowds of people arrive in Zurich in late June and early July for the Zürcher Festspiele, and also the huge Street Parade in the middle of August, which regularly attracts upwards of one million visitors.

Further picture of Zurich city centre

Where to Stay

Zurich has developed a definite reputation for theme hotels and you will find reasonably priced accommodation between August and October. Do bear in mind that if you are planning to stay in Zurich city centre, you can expect hotels to be fairly noisy and lack sufficient parking, although for many, the convenient location more than makes up for the downsides.

Many hotels lie close to the banks of the River Limmat, particularly on the eastern side on Zurich. These include the Limmatblick and Martahaus hotels off the Niederdorfstrasse and close to the Hirschengraben.

Photograph of centrally located lodgingBoth the Hotel Splendid and the ever-popular Zurich City Backpacker Hostel lie further south and still extremely close to the river, in the Rosengasse area, while next to the Rathas Bridge, the fun music-themed Zic-Zac Rock Hotel is just minutes from the railway station and close to a healthy nightlife.

If you are looking for accommodation close to Zurich Airport, then the Golden Arch Hotel on the Flughofstrasse is amongst the closest and the best. Off the nearby motorway, the Eta Hotel Zurich City West offers everything that you need, being modern, clean and cheap, with good facilities.