Mallorca Shopping

(Mallorca / Majorca, Balearic Islands, Spain)

Mallorca Shopping and MarketsThe Balearic islands provide excellent shopping, which is so typical of Spain. The island of Mallorca is no exception and is full of many popular shops and markets, selling a wide range of merchandise.

The larger shops in Mallorca usually open from 09:00 to 21:00, particularly in the tourist centres. Some shops in Mallorca do close between 14:00 to 17:00, for the Spanish afternoon siesta. The numerous beachfront shops stay open until late at night and during the high season, most shops in Mallorca open seven days a week.

Markets in Mallorca provide the ideal place to purchase some of the freshest food and produce in the city, which is usually very reasonably priced. The markets offer a wonderful opportunity to try local specialities in Mallorca. Most markets in and around Mallorca tend to sell a little of everything, although Mallorca does have a few specialist markets. Mallorca's bustling markets provide a fun way to shop, for both experienced and novice bargain hunters alike.

Mallorca Shops

Mallorca has a large number of small, interesting shops that offer a wide range of souvenirs, and also many larger stores. Shops in Mallorca can be found all over the island, but in particular in the historic areas of Mallorca and also in tourist centres, near to the beaches and harbours. There are also shopping centres and numerous shops on the beachfront, selling espadrilles (traditional footwear in Mallorca), beach mats and sun-block cream.

Palma in Mallorca has the highest concentration of shops on the island and there are many outlets that cater for most visitors to Mallorca. These include factory shops selling souvenirs, shops selling casual clothes, specialist centres for pottery and ceramics, local shops selling handicrafts such as embroidery, basketwork, wooden bowls, hand-painted plates, and high-quality simulated pearls, which are widely associated with Mallorca.

Mallorca Shopping and Markets

Food Shops in Mallorca

Mallorca offers a number of interesting food products specific to the region, such as delicious 'ensaimada' pastry, which is beautifully presented in a box, gourmet spicy sausages, olives prepared in many different ways and strings of dried peppers. Wine in the Balearic islands is well worth trying and Mallorca is well-known for producing some of the best wine in the whole region and a popular wine festival is held every September in Mallorca. Food and wine is widely available in shops, well-stocked supermarkets and at many of Mallorca's popular markets, where some of the island's delicacies can be sampled.

Mallorca Markets

Markets have become an important part of life in Mallorca and are held at weekly intervals, mainly in the provincial towns and villages. These busy markets are full of local atmosphere and serve both the local population of Mallorca and also offer many goods and souvenirs for tourists and visitors to the island. Some of the markets in Mallorca sell fruit, vegetables and local produce, besides numerous domestic items, clothes, jewellery and leather goods. Markets tend to start in the mornings and end later, some time in the afternoon. Some of the Mallorca markets are held every day during the island's high season.