Moscow Museums

(Moscow, Central Federal District, Russia)

Picture of the State History Museum (Gosudarstvennyi Istoricheskii Muzei)With a total of more than 50 different museums in Moscow, visitors will be able to see everything from ancient jewellery and coins, to fishing, aviation and even feline exhibits at the Moscow Cat Museum (Moskovskii Muzei Koshki).

Many tourists choose to visit the Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics (Memorial'nyi Muzei Kosmonavtiki), which is located on Prospekt Mira on the northern side of Moscow and features historic satellites and even a moon buggy.

For others, the Armed Forces Museum (Muzei Vooruzhenykh Sil) is a must-see, celebrating the strength of Russia as a leading military power and boasting in excess of 800,000 military related artefacts.

Another photo of the State History MuseumTo learn a little more about Moscow's interesting past, the popular Moscow City History Museum (Muzei Istorii Goroda Moskvy) has built up an interesting collection of memorabilia and was established in the late 19th century. The Museum of Modern Russian History (Muzei Sovremennoi Istorii Rossii) on the Ulitsa Tverskaia is also on a similar theme and remembers prominent Russian figures, such as Stalin and the Bolsheviks.

Moscow's Vernadsky State Geological Museum (Gosudarstvennyi Geologicheskii Muzei imeni Vernadskogo) is actually one of Russia's oldest museums are was founded in the mid-18th century. For a spot of natural history, the Zoology Museum of Moscow State University (Zoologicheskii Muzei MGU) is worth exploring, while for families, the many waxwork figures at the Otrazhenie Wax Museum (Otrazhenie Muzei Voskovykh Figur) always make for a fun trip. Favourites here include Mikhail Gorbachev and characters from Russian fairy tales, along with international celebrities and politicians.

Art of Ancient Civilization

Address: Ulitsa Volkhonka 12, Moscow, RU-121019, Russia, RU
Tel: +7 0495 203 7998

Aviacomplex imeni Iliushina (Iliushin Aviation Complex)

Address: Leningradskii Prospekt 45, Moscow, RU-125167, Russia, RU
Tel: +7 0495 943 8121

Dom Muzei AP Chekhova (Chekhov House Museum)

Address: Sadovo-Kudrinskaia Ulitsa 6, Moscow, RU-103001, Russia, RU

Dom Muzei AM Gor'kogo (Gorky House Museum)

Address: 6 Malaya Nikitskaya Ulitsa, Moscow, Russia, RU
Tel: +7 0495 290 0535

Dom Muzei Skriabina (Skriabin House Museum)

Address: Bolshoi Nikolopeskovski Pereulok 11, Moscow, RU-121002, Russia, RU
Tel: +7 0495 241 1901

Gosudarstvennyi Biologicheskii Muzei imeni KA Timiriazeva (Timiriazev State Biology Museum)

Address: Malaia Gruzinskaia Ulitsa 15, Moscow, RU-123242, Russia, RU
Tel: +7 0495 252 3681

Gosudarstvennyi Geologicheskii Muzei imeni Vernadskogo (Vernadsky State Geological Museum)

Address: Mokhovaya Ulitsa 11, Moscow, RU-103009, Russia, RU
Tel: +7 0495 292 0943

Gosudarstvennyi Istoricheskii Muzei (State History Museum)

Address: Red Square (Krasnaia Ploshchad), Moscow, RU-109012, Russia, RU
Tel: +7 0495 692 4019

Gosudarstvennyi Muzei Vadima Sidura (Vadim Sidur State Museum)

Address: Ulitsa Novogireevskaia 37, Moscow, RU-111394, Russia, RU
Tel: +7 0495 918 5181

Kukol'naia Galereia Vakhtanov (Vakhtanov Doll Gallery)

Address: Krymskii Val 10-14, Moscow, RU-109012, Russia, RU
Tel: +7 0495 238 1044

Kuskovo Museum

Address: Yunosti Ulitsa 2, Moscow, RU-111402, Russia, RU
Tel: +7 0495 370 0160

Memorial'nyi Muzei Kosmonavtiki (Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics)

Address: Prospekt Mira 111, Moscow, RU-129164, Russia, RU
Tel: +7 0495 683 7914

Moskovskii Muzei Koshki (Moscow Cat Museum)

Address: Rublevskoe Shosse, 109 Moscow, RU-121552, Russia, RU
Tel: +7 0495 141 5424

Muzei Arkhitektury imeni Shchuseva (Shchusev Architecture Museum)

Address: Ulitsa Vozdvizhenka 5, Moscow, RU-121019, Russia, RU
Tel: +7 0495 291 2109

Muzei Dekorativno-Prikladnogo i Narodnogo Iskusstva (Museum of Decorative and Folk Arts)

Address: Delegatskaia Ulitsa 3, Moscow, RU-127473, Russia, RU
Tel: +7 0495 609 0167

Muzei Federal'noi Sluzhby Bezopasnosti (History Hall of the Federal Security Service)

Address: Ulitsa Bolshaia Lubianka 12, Moscow, RU-101000, Russia, RU
Tel: +7 0495 914 8538

Muzei i Obshchestvennyi Tsentr imeni Andreia Sakharova (Sakharov Museum and Public Centre)

Address: Zemlyanoi Val, Moscow, RU-107120, Russia, RU
Tel: +7 0495 623 4401

Muzei Istorii Goroda Moskvy (Moscow City History Museum)

Address: Novaia Ploshchad 12, Moscow, RU-103012, Russia, RU
Tel: +7 0495 924 8490

Muzei Istorii Moskovskoi Voennoi Oblasti (Moscow Military District History Museum)

Address: 1-yi Krasnokursantskii Proezd 1-4, Moscow, RU-111250, Russia, RU
Tel: +7 0495 261 5576

Muzei Istorii Voisk MVO (Central Museum of the Internal Russian Army)

Address: Krasnokazarmennaia Ulitsa 9a, Moscow, RU-111250, Russia, RU
Tel: +7 0495 361 8587

Muzei Konevodstva (Museum of Horse Breeding)

Address: Ulitsa Timiriazevskaia 48, Moscow, RU-127550, Russia, RU
Tel: +7 0495 976 3870

Muzei Kvartira AS Pushkina na Arbate (Pushkin Museum on the Arbat)

Address: Ulitsa Arbat 53, Moscow, RU-119002, Russia, RU
Tel: +7 0495 241 9295

Muzei Lesa (Museum of Forests)

Address: 5th Monetchikovsky Pereulok 4, Moscow, RU-113054, Russia, RU
Tel: +7 0495 959 1517

Muzei Lichnykh Kollektsii (Museum of Private Collections)

Address: Volkhonka Ulitsa 10, Moscow, RU-121019, Russia, RU
Tel: +7 0495 203 1546

Muzei LN Tolstogo (Leo Tolstoy Museum)

Address: Prechistinka Ulitsa 11, Moscow, RU-119034, Russia, RU
Tel: +7 0495 202 2190

Muzei Mebeli (Furniture Museum)

Address: Taganskaia Ulitsa 13, Moscow, RU-109004, Russia, RU
Tel: +7 0495 912 5170

Muzei Muzykal'noi Kultury imeni MI Glinka (Glinka Museum of Musical Culture)

Address: Ulitsa Fadeeva 4, Moscow, RU-125047, Russia, RU
Tel: +7 0495 739 6226

Muzei Oboroni Moskvy (Museum of the Defense of Moscow)

Address: Michurinskii Prospekt 3, Moscow, RU-117602, Russia, RU
Tel: +7 0495 430 0549

Muzei Ogni Moskvy (Lights of Moscow Museum)

Address: Armianskii Pereulok 3, Moscow, RU-101000, Russia, RU
Tel: +7 0495 924 7374

Muzei Okhoty i Rybolovstva (Hunting and Fishing Museum)

Address: Golovinskoe Shosse 1, Moscow, RU-125212, Russia, RU
Tel: +7 0495 459 0957

Muzei Russkoi Literatury 20 Ogo Veka (Russian Literature of the 20th-Century Museum)

Address: Trubnikovskii Pereulok 17, Moscow, RU-121069, Russia, RU
Tel: +7 945 202 4618

Muzei Sovremennoi Istorii Rossii (Museum of Modern Russian History)

Address: Ulitsa Tverskaia 21, Moscow, RU-125009, Russia, RU
Tel: +7 0495 699 6724

Muzei Usad'ba LN Tolstogo (Tolstoi House Museum)

Address: L'Va Tolstogo Ulitsa 21, Moscow, RU-119021, Russia, RU
Tel: +7 0495 246 9444

Muzei Vladimira Vysotskogo (Vladimir Vysotskii Museum)

Address: Nizhnii Taganskii Tupik 3, Moscow, RU-109004, Russia, RU
Tel: +7 0495 915 7578

Muzei Vooruzhenykh Sil (Armed Forces Museum)

Address: Sovetskoi Armii Ulitsa 2, Moscow, RU-129272, Russia, RU
Tel: +7 0495 681 4877

Muzei Vostochnykh Kultur (Museum of Eastern Cultures)

Address: Nikitinskii Bul'var 12a, Moscow, RU-121019, Russia, RU
Tel: +7 0495 291 0341

Muzei VV Maiakovskogo (Maiakovsky Museum)

Address: Lubianskii Proezd 3-6, Moscow, RU-101000, Russia, RU
Tel: +7 0495 921 9560

Muzei Zemlevedeniia v MGU (Museum of Earth Sciences of Moscow State University)

Address: Moscow State University, Vorob'iovy Gory, Moscow, RU-119992, Russia, RU
Tel: +7 0495 939 2976

Otrazhenie Muzei Voskovykh Figur (Otrazhenie Wax Museum)

Address: Tverskaia Ulitsa 14, Moscow, RU-125009, Russia, RU
Tel: +7 0495 229 8552

Paleontologicheskii Muzei imeni YA Orlova (Orlov Paleontology Museum)

Address: Profsoiuznaia Uitsa 123, Moscow, RU-117647, Russia, RU
Tel: +7 0495 339 1500

Politekhnicheskii Muzei (Polytechnic Museum)

Address: Novaia Ploshchad, 3-4, Moscow, RU-101000, Russia, RU
Tel: +7 0495 923 0756

State Darwin Museum

Address: Vavilova Ulitsa 57, Moscow, RU-117292, Russia, RU
Tel: +7 0495 135 3382

Teatral'nyi Muzei imeni AA Bakrushina (State Theatre Museum)

Address: Ulitsa Bakhrushina 31, Moscow, RU-115054, Russia, RU
Tel: +7 0495 953 4470

Tsentral'noi Muzei Velikoi Otechestvennoi Voiny (Central Museum of the Great Patriotic War)

Address: Fonchenko Brat'ev Ulitsa 10, Moscow, RU-121170, Russia, RU
Tel: +7 0495 142 4185

Tsentral'nyi Dom Aviatsii i Kosmonavtiki (Central House of Aviation and Cosmonautics)

Address: Ulitsa Krasnoarmeiskaia 4, Moscow, RU-125167, Russia, RU
Tel: +7 0495 212 5461

Zoologicheskii Muzei MGU (Zoology Museum of Moscow State University)

Address: Bolshaia Nikitinskaia Ulitsa 6, Moscow, RU-125009, Russia, RU
Tel: +7 0495 203 8923