Moscow Life and Visitor Travel Tips

(Moscow, Central Federal District, Russia)

Picture of the day-to-day life in the cityWhen visiting Moscow you will soon notice that life here can be a little unfair for tourists, since so many of the attractions and some travel options are considerably cheaper for local Moscovites. In a large number of cases, this dual-pricing system is simply the way that things are and locals feel that they have the right to visit their own sights for less money than tourists.

However, in many cases, if you speak a little Russian in Moscow and are prepared to challenge the price, you may be able to pay the local Russian rate instead and enjoy considerable savings, or alternatively, befriend a Russian. Also be on the look out for tourist traps in Moscow, such as well-dressed men dropping a large wad of cash and when they see that you have picked it up, claim that some of the money is now missing and that you are to blame. However, that said, if you exercise a little common sense, you will be unlikely to encounter any trouble during your visit to Russia.

Photo of tourists in Red Square

Useful Contact Details

There is no tourist information centre within Moscow as such, although a number of travel agencies are dotted around the city. Many hostels and well-equipped hotels tend to provide a range of leaflets, basic maps and simple travel guides.

G&R International (Travel Agency)
Address: Zelenodolskaya Ulitsa 3/2, 5th Floor, Moscow, Russia, RU
Tel: +7 0495 378 0001

Infinity Travel (Travel Agency)
Address: Komsomolsky Prospekt, Moscow, Russia, RU
Tel: +7 0495 234 6555

Main Post Office
Address: Myasnitskaya Ulitsa 26, Moscow, Russia, RU
Located on the corner of the Christoprudny Boulevard.
Open hours: Monday to Friday - 08:00 to 20:00, Saturday and Sunday - 09:00 to 19:00

Language and Dialect

The official language of Moscow is of course Russian, a Slavic language, and many locals do tend to find written Russian rather hard to understand and pronounce, since is contains many unusual characters and accents. Since the majority of locals in Moscow don't even know one single word of English, and all signs are always in Russian, make sure that you bring a Russian phrase book with you and try to learn a few phrases before you arrive. Here are a few simple Russian phrases:

Dos and Don'ts / Tourist Traps