Rotterdam Weather, When to Go and Climate Information

(Rotterdam, South Holland, Netherlands)

Picture of the city's famous Cubic HousesThe climate in Rotterdam, is quite temperate and agreeable. The summer weather in Rotterdam is rarely over hot and it is unlikely that you will become uncomfortable during July and August, the hottest months.

Temperatures at this time of the year average around 20°C / 68°F, when many people head to the city's popular artificial beach on Boompjeskade, next to the Nieuwe Maas shipping canal, to enjoy a spot of sunbathing. Rotterdam's winter climate has less to offer and the start of this season can be a little damp, while the months of January to May are the driest.

Close-up photo of the Euromast

Seasonal Climate Variations / When to Go

The advantage of visiting Rotterdam during the winter months is the lack of crowds and cheaper accommodation. Although daylight hours may be reduced and temperatures much cooler, frosts and snow are fairly infrequent. January tends to be the coldest month in Rotterdam, when daytime temperatures stay around 4°C / 39°F or 4°C / 41°F. By the end of March they are beginning to reach 10°C / 50°F or more.

It is fair to say that the weather and climate in Rotterdam can, at times, be quite unpredictable, even during the summer months. One day, the skies can be blue and the sun shining down, while the next day can be quite different, being overcast, rainy and considerably cooler. Therefore, when packing, do bring clothes to cover all possibilities and always allow for both hot and cool days.

Rotterdam Weather and Climate Chart (Averages)



4°C / 39°F
1°C / 34°F


8°C / 46°F
5°C / 41°F


9°C / 48°F
6°C / 43°F


11°C / 52°F
7°C / 45°F


16°C / 61°F
11°C / 52°F


17°C / 63°F
13°C / 55°F


18°C / 64°F
14°C / 57°F


20°C / 68°F
15°C / 59°F


16°C / 61°F
12°C / 54°F


14°C / 57°F
10°C / 50°F


12°C / 54°F
9°C / 48°F


6°C / 43°F
2°C / 36°F