Amalfi Shopping and Districts

(Amalfi, Campania, Italy)

Photo of shopping in the town squareMost people come to Amalfi for the beaches and not the shopping, and so the town's interesting and quirky shops are often a very pleasant surprise. Many decent gift shops selling souvenirs of Campania are dotted around the numerous pedestrianised public squares in central Amalfi, often close to cafes and restaurants.

When shopping for souvenirs in Amalfi, you can expect to find many items decorated with citrus fruits, namely lemons. The citrus flavour is continued further in confectionary and the region's famous lemon-flavoured, tangy 'Limoncello' liqueur drink is always a really big seller. Lemons make an appearance on everything from bags and tea towels, to aprons, scarves and even ceramics.

Further picture of the town centre

Where to Shop

If you have a spare afternoon, take your time and wander around central Amalfi, exploring the areas around squares such as the Piazza dei Dogi. Sandals are always popular, as is silver jewellery, fragrant soaps, perfumes and coral handicrafts.

Around the Piazza Duomo, you will notice a large number of ceramics shops, which may well be of interest.

Image of holiday makers and central shopsHead to the Cartiera Amatruda store at the Amatruda Mill for a souvenir with a difference, where you are very likely to find something quite special.

The Amalfi paper making industry has an important heritage and handmade parchment paper has been made and sold here using traditional methods for more than 600 years, making this the most historic paper shop in the whole of Italy.