Amalfi Hotels and Accommodation

(Amalfi, Campania, Italy)

Photo of beachfrontA popular resort and a beautiful coastline, Amalfi is home to plenty of hotels, many of which offer truly breathtaking views across the bay. For almost 100 years, Amalfi has attracted large numbers of tourists, with plenty of seafront accommodation and guest houses to match the ever increasing demand. In particular, the sea views from the clifftop Hotel Santa Caterina on the Strada Amalfitana are really quite hard to beat.

Amalfi hotels are extremely busy in the summer season and if you arrive here at this time of the year, you should do so with a prior reservation, or take a big chance on being able to find reasonably priced lodging and guest rooms.

View of waterfront hotel and boats

Where to Stay

The majority of accommodation options in Amalfi are situated around the town's spacious Piazza Duomo, next to the Piazza Flavio Gioia and close to the Marina Grande.

There is also a good choice of accommodation to be found lining central streets, such as the Via Lorenzo d'Amalfi, which leads onto the Via Capuano and heads in a northerly direction from the cathedral itself.

Picture of main beach and adjacent lodgingOne particularly noteworthy hotel in central Amalfi is the Albergo Sant'Andrea, which resides on the Via Santolo Camera and offers accommodation virtually on the doorstep of the cathedral. Situated on the Largo Piccolomini, the boutique-style Hotel Centrale is another notable accommodation option, which comes complete with cathedral views.

For something quite different, Amalfi's Hotel Luna Convento on the Via Pantaleone Comite is especially historic and was formerly a convent, founded almost 800 years ago.

Image of beach and nearby hotelsIf you find the hotels and similar guest house accommodation just a little too pricey in Amalfi, then do consider staying in the neighbouring town of Agerola. Located approximately 16 km / 10 miles to the north and easy to reach by road, Agerola is becoming an increasingly popular place to stay with summer holiday makers.

Agerola is home to the Beata Solitudo youth hostel, as well as a small camping site, and is linked to Amalfi by frequent buses.