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The City Centre
Most of what's happening is the Piazza Duomo though you will get the tourist prices there. Like much of Italy, there are the cafes on the patio and you can just enjoy the people eating and walking. We liked very much and also the view are nice everywhere, but very to steep to walk sometimes.
Posted on 05/3/2011 by Edvin Broun

Re. Avoid the Rip-Off
It is true. We paid 12 euro for 2 coffees - but it is an enjoyable place to sit and gather your thoughts.
Posted on 25/5/2010 by Sam Williams

Avoid the Rip-Off
The main square is super expensive - best not to have a meal there. Perhaps just a coffee or gelato so that you can people watch, but will still run up your bill the same a meal elsewhere.
Posted on 15/5/2010 by Sara Gordon

Soak It In
Other than the Piazza, Cathedral and Church there aren't so many attractions. Mostly, just enjoy the views and the people.
Posted on 21/3/2010 by Liam McDonald

Everyday is Good
Well I wouldn't go for the beach, but I do like the town. Yes, it is steep and narrow but so quiet and happy with itself. I think the food is good everywhere, but perhaps avoid the tourist main square or you will pay and not guarantee the meal.
Posted on 05/9/2009 by Daniel Schultz

Steep Cliffs and Narrow Beaches
Off the coast, but limited beach. There is a more private beach that you can only get to by boat. It' a really beautiful place, but not the most relaxing that we've been. Views are pretty amazing from just about anywhere, but wouldn't want to live there.
Posted on 25/2/2009 by Tanya Jackson