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Belfast - Big Fish Sculpture
The Big Fish has become famous in the city and is quite a sight. It is actually a huge sculpture of salmon and is around ten metres in length. The Big Fish arrived on Donegall Quay in 1999 and near to the Lagan and Farset rivers. From a distance, the outside fish appears to be clad in scales of blue and white tiles. However, if you take a closer look you will see that these tiles actually contain images and text relating to the city's history. Inside the fish there is actually a time capsule with information about Belfast from that period in history. the local artist John Kindness was responsbile for this beautiful creation.
Posted on 16/2/2008 by Dexter Bridge

The Belfast Lough
The Belfast Lough has become responsible for why the city has flourished in history and the mouth has operated as a busy port for many years. It is located next to the River Lagan and is near to towns like Carrickfergus, Bangor and also Holywood. It is a major gateway into the Irish Sea and is great for fishing. The Lough is protected by the Ards Peninsula, which is around 30 miles in length.
Posted on 5/8/2007 by Emmanuel

Leaning Albert Clock
The Albert Memorial Clock is located on Queen's Square and was completed in 1870. It is over 100 feet tall and next to the High Street and near to the docks. It was built as a memorial to Prince Albert, the husband of Queen Victoria. The tower is well known for its slight lean, although this has now been halted, following a major restoration program in 2002. Some locals refer to it as the Leaning Tower of Belfast.
Posted on 4/4/2007 by Frankie Hughes

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