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An Easy, Affordable Place To Stay
Amalia Studios was really the best value I could find for the cost. I had a hip studio close to nightlife and the beach. I was lucky to get a good view, but some mates were not as lucky. It is not fancy, but it works.
Posted on 18/8/2011 by Brad Parish

Perfect For Spring Break
Most definitely a beach city by day, party city by night. The coast is pretty gorgeous, but the beaches are super crowded a are the bars and clubs. More of a party haven for young students more than anything. I did see some families, but they mostly stayed at the resorts.
Posted on 17/8/2011 by Rebecca Kim

Okay For The Kids
We weren't sure Crete would be right for us as a family, but actually we had a god time. We tried o stay away from the main club areas at night which was fins as their were plenty of quieter restaurants to eat at. There was plenty to do during the day with the kids. We went to the Family Fun Center one day and the aquarium the next. I'd recommend going even with kids though I would choose to stay at a more exclusive resort - quieter.
Posted on 21/6/2011 by George C

Aquaworld Aquarium
For the kids, we recommend the Aquaworld Aquarium. It has reptiles also and is a good cost to get in.
Posted on 02/5/2010 by Elin Skarsgaard

Re. A Fun Holiday For The Young and Single
Head to Malia for the funniest bars and clubs.
Posted on 25/3/2009 by Lorraine Chapman

A Fun Holiday for The Young and Single
I loved the nightlife in Crete. The beaches were amazing too, so it was nice to have something fun to do at night. The main resorts are all close by to where everyone gathers so it doesn't really matter where you stay.
Posted on 26/2/2009 by Samantha Chappell