Lyon Maps and Orientation

(Lyon, Rhône Alpes, France)

Located on the eastern side of France, the city of Lyon is to be found within the Rhône Alpes region and located between the distant cities of Marseille and Paris. The Greater Lyon area encompasses a number of surrounding towns and villages, forming the country's second-biggest metropolitan region, known in France as 'Lyonnais'.

On the southern side of central Lyon, both the Saône River and Rhône meet, creating a peninsula-like area. The Place Bellecour can be found in this area and is one of the biggest public squares in the whole of France, south of the Rue de la République.

Maps and Orientation of the City

An important aid to getting around the city on Lyon and the nearby region is a map. A number of handy maps are available at the Lyon Tourist Office and at the Decitre bookstore, both of which can be found on the Place Bellecour.

Map of France

France map

Map of Lyon

Lyon map