Cannes Neighborhoods, Locations and Districts

(Cannes, Alpes-Maritimes, Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur, France)

Picture of shopping in the city centreThe former fishing village of Cannes has been transformed over the last 150 years into a splendid upmarket seaside resort with plenty to offer its visitors.

As well as an exclusive seaside promenade, districts in Cannes include a quaint historic quarter and a town centre, which is positively bursting at the seams with fashionable stores, boutiques and salons.

Surrounding the lively centre of Cannes are more peaceful residential neighbourhoods, suburbs and residential districts.

Photo taken in the city centre, showing the Hilton Casino

City Centre

Right at the heart of Cannes is the city's commercial hub, centred on the Rue d'Antibes. More familiarly known as 'La Banane', because of its banana-like shape on the map, Cannes city centre has a lively atmosphere.

This neighbourhood boasts a multitude of shops, where you can buy everything from fashion to food. There are also plenty of opportunities to relax, thanks to the numerous pavement cafés and restaurants.

Aerial view of Le Suquet

Le Suquet District

To wander around Le Suquet district in Cannes, with its narrow streets, ancient passageways and delightful squares, is to step back in time. Named after the hill on which it is located, visitors can't fail to be impressed by the magnificent views. Indeed, it's possible to see the whole of Cannes' 12-km / 7-mile stretch of beach and the Vieux Port below.

La Californie District

With its Mediterranean landscape, complete with mimosa and pine trees, this suburb was once the haunt of the British and Russian royal families. Today, La Californie remains an upmarket neighbourhood, with sumptuous villas hidden away amidst vast green estates.

Photo showing the La Croisette area

La Croisette District

Between the city centre and the sea lies La Croisette. This district is dominated by the splendid promenade that stretches along the whole length of the Cannes coastline. On the town side of La Croisette are some of Cannes' famed exclusive boutiques as well as Riviera-style pavement cafes. La Croisette is also famous for its palatial hotels and their private beaches, which come alive with over 30,000 camera crews, film producers, directors and stars at festival time.

Petit Juas

Just minutes from the centre of Cannes, Petit Juas has retained a definite village atmosphere. This is a quiet residential neighbourhood, comprising villas and some rather grand houses, and apartments. Although only a stone's throw from the centre of Cannes, the district offers visitors an opportunity to leave the hustle and bustle behind.