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Sauna at Rastila
I wasn't actually brave enough to try it, but heard about it and so thought it was worth mentioning here. At Rastila there is a very popular sauna house. Apparently people go to the sauna and stay inside until they can't take the heat anymore, and then run into the sea without any clothes on! Now doesn't that sound like a laugh...
Posted on 15/2/2008 by Noel Jade

The Kauppatori Square
Kauppatori Square is an important part of Helsinki. It lies to one side of the Esplanadi Boulevard and is also near to the sea. Thousands of people come here for the daily summer markets - a good place to pick up that illusive gift. Well, that's what I found anyway. I bought a small painting of a local scene. Cheap and cheerful is how I would describe this place.
Posted on 16/10/2007 by Lloyd Gale

Lutheran Cathedral in Helsinki
You can't miss the Lutheran Cathedral. It is one of the city's biggest sights and has these huge green domes, which stand out all over the city centre. The cathedral dominates the Senaatintori Square and you ca climbto the top for super views. The interior is actually quite simple and not anywhere near as elaborate as I was expecting it might be.
Posted on 4/8/2007 by Darren Willmott

Helsinki Tramline
Catching a tram is a really good way to do a bit of budget sightseeing around Helsinki. A trip on the 3T tramline is really cheap and the trams tend to stop really close to all of the main attractions that you would like to see. If you want to stay on all the way round, it will take you around an hour to get back to where you started from. Course, you could always walk.
Posted on 12/6/2007 by Kelly Daley

Walking around the Esplanadi Park
Come to the Esplanadi Park for a lovely walk. It is very close to the Kauppatori Square and was laid out around 200 years ago, so it is quite historic. Lots of pretty ponds and statues to look out for. It has a very wide central boulevard which is lined with bench after bench, after beach - so no problem finding somewhere to sit down then.
Posted on 1/6/2007 by Anon

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