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The Parks of Espoo
The Tapiola district has a nice lot of parks and this sure is a green part of Espoo. It was also designed with green space being an important element and many houses overlook the parks and trees. There are lots of pathways and cycle trails, as well as playgrounds, outdoor sports equipment and a good excuse to enjoy the outdoors. Come here at lunchtime, when lots of the working locals bring their lunch to eat outside. We had a nice picnic, with some salad-type stuff we bought in a store nearby.
Posted on 18/1/2008 by Runaway

Go up the Tapiola Tower
Located in Tapiola, the Keskustorni is the Central Tower and was created in the early sixties. This is part of the Espoo Culture Centre and is an important modern structure in the city. It is next to the Central Basin (Keskusallas) and near to the shops. It has eleven stories and is particularly interesting because it stands on free-standing columns. It is very modern is its appearance and looks rather like a bright white office block, but for Espoo, seems to be really important.
Posted on 4/6/2007 by Kevin Knight

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