Espoo Restaurants and Dining

(Espoo, Uusimaa, Southern Finland, Finland)

Picture of a Finnish fast-food establishmentIf you are looking for the best selection restaurants in Finland, then head to nearby Helsinki, where you will find quite literally a bewildering choice of dining options. However, if you are looking for somewhere a little closer to your hotel, then you will find that Espoo contains a number of quite reasonable restaurants for you to choose between.

A number of the restaurants in Espoo serve a choice of traditional Finnish dishes, which vary greatly according to the time of year, with heavy and warming game stews in the chilly winter months, and lighter seafood-based dishes and fresh soups in the summer. Espoo's main dining venues and eateries are typical of many in Finland, with menus often featuring a large number of fish-based dishes, such as salmon (lohi) and also deep-fried lakefish (muikku).

Picture of eateries in nearby Helsinki

Where to Eat

The best restaurants in Espoo tend to be concentrated around the Tapiola and within the actual Tapiontori Shopping Centre. These generally come highly recommended by the locals and are conveniently close to a number of shops and cafes, and also near to the Heikintori Shopping Mall, where you can find a range of inexpensive snack foods, such as sandwiches, pasta and salad.

Other popular dining venues in Espoo include a notable Chinese restaurant along the Länsituulentie, off the Merituulentie and the Tapiontorinte, with further options being close to the Iso Omena Shopping Centre, where Classic Pizza is another extremely popular choice. Those with a penchant to spicy flavours and aromas should check out the Intialainen Ruokaravintola (Curry Palace) in the Leppävaara area of Espoo, next to the Sello Shopping Centre, while for something a little plainer visitors will find that Chico's All American Bistro is probably ideal.