Espoo Museums and Art Galleries

(Espoo, Uusimaa, Southern Finland, Finland)

Picture of the Gallen Kallela MuseumThere is a surprising number of cultural attractions in Espoo, which come in the form of museums and art galleries. Various topics are covered, and the Espoon Automuseo (Car Museum) is now the biggest and most comprehensive vehicle museum in the whole of Finland, being filled with vintage cars and historic motorcycles from the 1900s onwards.

For art lovers in Espoo, the Gallen Kallela Museum is the place to head and features various visiting exhibitions. The Gallen Kallela enjoys an especially scenic situation alongside Laajalahti Bay, on the actual border between Espoo and Helsinki. Highlights include many pieces by Finnish artists from this region and all over Finland, a large gift shop, and an extensive restaurant, with an outside terrace area surrounded by pretty gardens.

Car Museum (Espoon Automuseo)

Address: Pakankylä, Espoo, Finland, FI
Tel: +358 09 855 7178

Gallery Otso

Address: Ahertajankuja 4, Espoo, Finland, FI
Tel: +358 09 8165 7512

Gallen Kallela Museum

Address: Gallen-Kallelan Tie 27, Espoo, Finland, FI
Tel: +358 09 5413 388

Glims Farmstead Museum

Address: Glimsintie 1, Espoo, Finland, FI
Tel: +358 09 863 2979

Helinä Rautavaara Museum

Address: WeeGee Building, Ahertajantie 5, Espoo, Finland, FI
Tel: +358 09 412 9439

Oili Mäki Museum

Address: Äyräpääntie 14, Laajalahti, Espoo, Finland, FI
Tel: +358 09 5415 899

Stone Museum

Address: Kivimiehentie 1, Espoo, Finland, FI
Tel: +358 0205 50 2243

Tool Museum

Address: Siikajärvi, Espoo, Finland, FI
Tel: +358 09 867 971