Falmouth Shopping and Districts

(Falmouth, Cornwall, England, UK)

Picture of local shopFalmouth is a large town and home to one of Cornwall's most impressive selection of shops.

There are plenty of shopping opportunities all around Falmouth town centre, including a mixture of some rather quirky shops next to many of the nation's household names and some rather unusual listed buildings.

Even the most demanding of shoppers will have nothing to complain about in Falmouth, where seaside shopping is truly at its best.

Shops here tend to be interspersed with trendy pavement cafes and lively art galleries.

Where to Shop

There are a number of centrally located shopping areas, and the very heart of Falmouth's shopping scene is based around Arwenack Street and Church Street, both of which are cobbled and extremely near to the waterfront.

Slightly further along and to the north, Church Street meets Market Street, where chain stores include Peacocks, and also Marks & Spencers, one of Falmouth's flagship department stores. This prominent shopping district connects the quays and many narrow alleys, and is close to the National Maritime Museum Cornwall on the Discovery Quay. St. George's Arcade is situated in this part of Falmouth and is a small, covered shopping mall where a variety of small shops are sited. St. George's Arcade was once the town's grand cinema and dates back to 1912, featuring a rather grand facade.

Various fairly small, local stores line much of nearby Falmouth's High Street, where you will find bookstores, banks, specialist shops, food and general grocery outlets, including the Natural Store, which specialises in locally grown organic produce. Also in this area are many further shops along both Killigrew Street and the adjacent Berkley Vale, where you will find the Argos store and Tesco supermarket, amongst others. Further supermarkets can be found on the outskirts of central Falmouth, including Asda along Jennings Road.

No shopping trip in Falmouth is complete without a visit to the town's highly regarded Trago Mills store. Standing along Arwenack Street and particularly near to Port Pendennis, this branch of Trago Mills stands on the quay itself, next to a number of pubs and a convenient car park, and is a particularly popular Cornish department store.