Ostrava Restaurants and Dining

(Ostrava, North Moravia, Czech Republic)

Picture showing Masaryk SquareWithin the city of Ostrava, you will soon notice that dining out really does come second to both drinking and dancing. However, amidst the many different clubs, bars and pubs, Ostrava does boast a good selection of restaurants and eateries, particularly along the street known in Czech as the Stodolni Ulice.

Along the Stodolni Ulice are more than 50 different bars, restaurants and cafes, many of which feature outside seating areas and really come to life when the sun sets. Stodolni Street is one of the busiest and most vibrant areas of Ostrava and this dining stretch is frequented by literally thousands of visitors, each and every week.

Where to Eat

Particularly popular with tourists and also located along the Stodolni is the Flintstone Pub, a themed and rather rustic-style pub, celebrating the fun Fred Flintstone cartoon and boasting a series of colourful 'yabba dabba doo' features. Close by you will likely encounter many of the best food stalls in Ostrava, which are a cheap alternative to restaurants and feature everything from chicken to large and inexpensive steaks.

Other eateries and dining options worth checking out in Ostrava include pizzerias around the Masarykovo Námesti, cafes along the Musorgského, and a highly recommended bookstore-cum-coffee shop on Masaryk Square. Many good dining venues and fast-food restaurants are located within the popular Futurum shopping mall, such as KFC, while for those looking for reasonably priced dining and live music in Ostrava, head to the Italian-inspired Marná Sláva on the Kopeckého, where you can often enjoy jazz musicians and simply eat in their summer garden.