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Girl Power
I must say that I'd never seen an attraction solely dedicate to us females until I came across the Vietnam Women's Museum in Hanoi. This attraction takes you right through the ages while focusing on the contributions Vietnamese women made to the development of their country. Not just for the ladies though as my partner enjoyed it too and he can be quite a chauvinist at times!
Posted on 13/1/2012 by Rachel Hill

The Old Town
Hanoi's Old Quarter is fantastic and I guarantee that you will get lost on at least one of the 40 bustling, winding, streets at some point. Plenty of shops and eateries for you to enjoy while colonial buildings that the French left behind can also be marvelled at.
Posted on 19/9/2011 by Brett Sinclair

Re. Nature Lovers Look no Further
If it is water that you love, I recommend also visiting West Lake. Less murky than Hoan Kiem can sometimes be and has a lot more shops, restaurants, and gardens with plenty of hotels to chose from too.
Posted on 29/3/2011 by Sid Farkus

Behind Bars
A moving experience for me at Hoa Lo Prison in Hanoi, especially as my grandfather served in the war. A lot of propaganda related to the conflict that must be taken with a pinch of salt but still well worth a visit. I think the whole thing can be wrapped up in less than an hour.
Posted on 9/12/2010 by F Moretti

Nature Lovers Look no Further
Those with a fondness for nature, and especially turtles, should head to the Lake of the Restored Sword or Hoan Kiem as the locals call it. I mentioned turtles because there is a rare breed of them here, but it is still a fascinating experience regardless of whether you have an interest in those particular sea creatures or not.
Posted on 21/10/2010 by J Casablancas