Hanoi Hotels and Accommodation

(Hanoi, Vietnam)

Hanoi has an excellent range of hotels that go from cheap backpacker joints through to well-priced midrange accommodation and the classiest of five-star lodging. The best thing is that Hanoi is a small city and no matter where you stay, you will likely be close to the action.

The Old Quarter is the place everyone wants to visit, although not all want to stay there. It may be cheap but is pretty noisy, but accommodation around Hoan Kiem Lake is more upmarket and quieter. Backpacker pads are best had on investigation, but those looking for a slice of luxury are better off booking hotels online.

Where to Stay

The Old Quarter is the most interesting place to stay in Hanoi for backpackers and those on a budget, with its hustle and bustle being part of its character. The Nam Phuong Hotel near Gia Long Market Street is one of the better places, while the Quoc Hoa offers slightly more upmarket accommodation.

Nearby Hoan Kiem Lake is more of an option for those wanting to be near to the Old Quarter, yet be spared the mayhem. Many hotels and guest houses front the lake, although these are usually pretty expensive. Top-notch options include the Sofitel Metropole Hanoi, the Hoa Binh Hotel, and the Melia Hotel.

The West Lake area, just outside the city centre, is good for those after peace and quiet and includes the mid-range Thang Loi Hotel, while the Ba Dinh District has the city's best accommodation and is home to the opulent Daewoo Hotel, one of the top spots to stay in the capital.

Other areas to stay in Hanoi include the Dong Da District, the further-afield Hai Ba Trung District, and the area near Giang Vo Lake. On the whole, the standard of hotels in Hanoi is more than reasonable, and good value for money, considering this is the nation's capital.