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(Dubai, United Arab Emirates, UAE)

Photo taken at the Dubai International Airport (DXB)Dubai's main attractions are spread out enough that a practical mode of transportation is an essential part of sightseeing. The public bus network is especially convenient for trips into the outlying suburbs, though there are a few lines providing travel between sights within downtown Dubai.

Taxis are a convenient travel option, though hailing a cab at the curb can be difficult. There are not enough taxis to meet public demand, a fact that leads many visitors to hire a car and plan their own transportation. The Dubai International Airport hosts a reliable limousine service for those who would rather not drive themselves.

Terminal picture at the Dubai International Airport (DXB)

Dubai International Airport (DXB) / Arriving by Air

Address: Airport Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, UAE
Tel: +971 04 216 2016
Dubai International Airport is the Middle East's most important transportation centre. A mere 5 km / 3 miles from Dubai city centre, this airport has grown exponentially in recent years. First-class amenities include ample lounges, state-of-the-art medical facilities, an astonishing selection of shopping outlets and a health club. The airport also has a reputation for duty-free sales, particularly alcohol, and inbound passengers can import up to four bottles of alcohol (a six-pack of beer counts as a single bottle). Transportation to and from the city is accomplished through limousines, public buses, private minivans and prepaid taxis.

Dubai International Airport (DXB) Guide

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Car Rental

Hire car firms are well represented in Dubai International Airport, and the rental process will run more smoothly if you have an international driver's licence. Nationals of many Western nations can show their home-country driver's licence at the City Centre shopping mall and receive a temporary licence. Keep in mind that congestion can be a problem during peak hours of traffic, and it is wise to plan your excursions outside of morning and afternoon rush hours.

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Buses and Coaches

City buses provide an economical means of getting around the city, though tourists may find services between top attractions insufficient or irregular. Buses are especially convenient for transport to residential areas. Public buses can also be useful for long-haul transportation, as lines travel from here to all of the other emirates in the UAE. Dubai's primary bus terminals are in Bur Dubai (Al Ghubaiba) and Deira (Souq Market).


There is no rail service in the United Arab Emirates, though construction on a thorough monorail network is currently underway in Dubai and should be completed within the near future.

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Metered taxis are an essential means of transportation in Dubai, as it's impractical to walk between most attractions. Relatively few vehicles are available, so drivers can afford to be selective when accepting fares. Don't be surprised if you're ignored or even declined by a driver seeking a more lucrative fare. You're likely to have greater success at taxi cues outside local shopping malls.