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Atlantis Palm
A month or so ago I stayed in Dubai for a week. The hotel I stayed in was the Atlantis Palm! It is just like a dream stay, and by far the best hotel I have ever stayed at. This hotel has truly amazing views of the sea. There were loads of places to choose to visit, but I had to choose the waterpark. There were so many twisting rides that seemed to have no end! It was all very fun and I'm sure I will visit again.

Posted on 18/1/2013 by Patrick Tarff

Dubai Fountains
Amazing, but much too short. It only lasted a few minutes, and was very busy. It was spectacular how they made the water look like it was dancing in time with the music. The view is brilliant and it is great to eat while watching, if you are visiting the Dubai mall.
Posted on 15/10/2012 by John Smith

An Underground Surprise
I had no idea that Dubai had a metro, so it was cool to experience for the first time. As a tourist, I obviously stood out though and of course being a western female some parts about being alone in the city were a little odd. The country has very strict regulations about public affection, but I think the people are quite modern in their own way as it is a wealthy city.
Posted on 02/5/2011 by L. Smith

Re. An Extravagant Experience
Personally, I liked the Deira City Center better for shopping. More choices of items you wouldn't find anywhere in the world.
Posted on 25/12/2010 by Hank Grant

An Extravagant Experience
I've been to Dubai on business a few times, but it was nice to have a chance to shop this time 'round. The Mercator Shopping Mall is pretty glamorous and it is fun to see the cross of cultures and what the men and women of Dubai like to buy - how they shop.
Posted on 21/3/2010 by Whitney Mellon

As Silly As it Seems
Lots of clubs and blocked websites - the place is a maniacal, self-indulgent manmade money hole. Good to experience it at least once I guess. Lots of clubs at night, but most everybody is just looking to see how they can get themselves ahead.
Posted on 05/2/2010 by Liam Walsh

On the Top of Dubai
There were some hotspot clubs located in the city. One place I have to recommend is the 360 Bar. It expensive and have dress code but a fun place with cool cocktails.
Posted on 11/7/2009 by Stain Toft

Cool, Modern Escape
Lots of sunshine and intimidating skyscrapers. I had to come and see the manmade island, but everything is beyond what I would normally like to spend.
Posted on 22/6/2008 by Daria Nana