Medical Tourism, Treatments and Surgery in Dubai

(Dubai, United Arab Emirates, UAE)

Waterfront view of DubaiDubai is gaining popularity as a medical tourism destination due to its affordable heath care prices, which are lower than in the US or the UK, without any compromise in the standard of treatment.

Increasing numbers of medical tourists are deciding to jump the waiting lines at home to combine medical treatments with a visit to Dubai, which is already a global forerunner as a tourist destination thanks to its state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Over 20 Joint Commission International-approved Dubai hospitals and clinics are situated here, staffed with well-trained, English-speaking doctors. Yet Dubai faces challenges in establishing itself as a suitable destination for medical procedures, particularly against the low-cost care on offer in South-East Asia. Nevertheless, plans to expand the city's excellent healthcare network and further boost medical tourism here are underway.

Advantages of Medical Tourism

The main advantages Dubai has over other medical tourism destinations are its world class facilities, widespread use of English and closer distance to European cities than Asian medical tourism hotspots. In fact, Dubai is amongst the world's most well-connected cities by air.

Additionally, the emirate offers some of the most luxurious accommodation in the region, as well as side draws such as shopping and dining, yet prices for treatment and hotel rates are considerably higher than in its main competitor, South-East Asia, and all-inclusive packages are rarely offered.

Visitors seeking medical treatment in Dubai can combine a hospital stay with sightseeing around the evocative Bastakiya district or the more modern delights of the iconic Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Marina or the Mall. The emirate also offers first-class beaches on which to convalesce, as well as desert safaris and hot air balloon rides.

Medical Procedures

Hundreds of major procedures are available in Dubai hospitals, from obesity surgery to diabetes treatment. However, some of the most popular procedures among medical tourists are hip and knee replacements in Dubai and cosmetic surgery, with specialised facilities catering to both these sectors.


Hospital care in Dubai is of an excellent standard. The private hospitals here are equipped with modern facilities in line with European and US hospitals and rank among the UAE's best. Visitors can expect private rooms with all mod cons, as well as a-la-carte menus.

Welcare Hospital and Cosmesurge are among Dubai's top facilities for cosmetic surgery, offering everything from rhinoplasty to face lifts, breast augmentation and liposuction. The Dubai Bone and Joint Centre specialises in knee and hip replacements, as well as physiotherapy and orthopaedics, and is the leading centre of its kind in the Middle East.

The recently opened Dubai Heath Care City offers a full range of treatments at its two hospitals and looks set to be a world leader as the biggest medical institution between South-East Asia and Europe. Medical tourists come here for everything from chiropractic to cardiovascular surgery.