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The Clock Tower in Sapporo
Whenever you ead about Sapporo you will soon find a mention or two of the Clock Tower. It is a really interesting and slightly quaint structure, sandwiched between much more modern and constrasting buildings. It is fairly small and inside are some fairly average exhibits. The outside is quite attractive though and good for photographing as a nice memory of your trip.
Posted on 16/12/2007 by Hannah Rubella

Beautiful Odori Park
This central park breathes for the city and is less than a mile in length, and quite narrow. However, it is an important green space and we can here on a sunny day for an ice cream. Lots of people tend to gather here to picnic, drink beer and socialise. Families with children tend to hang out around the fountain, so that the children can play in this open space. If you're in Sapporo in the winter, then it is in Odori Park that the Snow Festival takes place.
Posted on 27/10/2007 by Lorenzo

The Snow Festival (Yuki Matsuri)
I have never seen so much snow as the time I came to Sapporo in the winter. The Snow Festival (Yuki Matsuri) was truly incredible. I arrived here just as it was starting and the excitement as the sculptors started on their creations was incredible. It is held every year in February and some two million visitors come to Sapporo each winter to join in the fun. Just incredible.
Posted on 31/3/2007 by Lewis Lincoln

Have a pint at the Sapporo Brewery
Sample some local brew when you come here and go to the Sapporo Brewery. Believe me, I sampled plenty that day, it just seemed to go down so well. I bought a few bottles as well to take with me for later on!
Posted on 2/2/2007 by Matty Clinton

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