Attractions Nearby Sapporo, Day Trips and Excursions

(Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan)

View of HakodateMany outstanding attractions surround the city of Sapporo and are just a short train ride away. Amongst the main attractions, Hakodate is considered to be an important gateway into the Hokkaido Prefecture and home to around 300,000 residents.

Also nearby Sapporo, the cities of Iwamizawa, Takikawa and Tomakomai have plenty to offer and include potteries, art museums, busy harbours and mountainous scenery. Attractions nearby Sapporo are shown below.


The many attractions of Hakodate lie a fair distance south of Sapporo and next to the coastline. Famous for its seafood restaurants, beautiful scenery and historic sites around the Motomachi neighbourhood and Mount Hakodate, the city is also known for its two harbours and tram network.

View of Takikawa


A small city located to the north-east of Sapporo, Takikawa features a population of approximately 50,000 and many attractions. The Takikawa Museum of Art and Natural History stands out and contains many impressive prehistoric exhibits.


South of Sapporo and located along the region's southerly coastline, Tomakomai is a bustling port with a population approaching 200,000 people. Tomakomai is around 60 km / 37 miles from Sapporo and tends to feature a fairly mild winter, with small levels of snowfall. Nearby natural attractions around Tomakomai include the dome of Mount Tarumae, the vast Shikotsu Lake and areas of marshland.

Picture of the city of Iwamizawa


A city with around 90,000 inhabitants and sited alongside the Ikushunbetsu River, Iwamizawa can be found to the north-east of Sapporo, often being considered a suburb. Iwamizawa is perhaps best known for its ceramics, brewing and historic coal-mining past.