Sumatra Events, Things to Do and Festivals 2014 / 2015

(Sumatra, Indonesia)

An island offering plenty to see and endless things to do, the festivals of Sumatra are certainly a big highlight for many a holidaymaker. One especially popular event takes place in North Sumatra and is the Danau Toba Festival.

Held on an annual basis each June, the Danau Toba Festival sees canoe racing, Batak cultural performances and much more besides. Soon after and on August 17th, Indonesian Independence Day (Hari Proklamasi Indonesia) sees all manner of events staged throughout the country.

Sumatra Calendar of Festivals and Events 2014 / 2015

In Padang (West Sumatra), the Indonesian Independence Day celebrations even feature a boat race, which is always a serious crowd-puller.

Nearby Padang, in the beach resort of Pariaman, the Islamic festival of Tabut is one to look out for in January / February, with both onlookers and participants diving into the waters to retrieve statues of 'bouraq' creatures, which resemble a horse with a woman's head. Horse racing is another major event in Padang and jockeys always dress up for the occasion.

Located within the Riau area of Sumatra, the oil capital of Pekanbaru is known for its open-air events, a number of which are staged at the Riau Cultural Park on the Jalan Sudirman. In South Sumatra, Palmebang is known for its birthday celebrations, which take place on June 16th and include the rowing of a giant canoe.