Kalimantan Shopping and Districts

(Kalimantan, Indonesia)

There are plenty of interesting and appealing Indonesian handicrafts for tourists shopping for souvenirs of Kalimantan. Gifts ideas range from traditional woodcarvings and necklaces made of semi-precious stones, to colourful clothing and 'batik' fabrics, dyed after first painting on an intricate pattern with molten wax.

The best shopping opportunities await in the main resorts of Kalimantan, such as Balikpapan, Pontianak and Palangka Raya, the latter of which is known for its skillful rattan weaving. Markets around Kalimantan are often the best places to find a bargain, selling everything from batik sarongs and prints, to gold and silverware.

Where to Shop

Tourists shopping in West Kalimantan's lively city of Pontianak will find the main market stalls standing around the Jalan Rahadi Usman, while shops are spread between this point and the Jalan Pattimura. Look out for the exquisite local 'kain songket', which is a fine material, with gold or silver thread carefully woven into the fabric. Also popular at Pontianak markets are the bags of rough-cut gems, and old Dutch and Chinese porcelain.

Nearby, the market in Sambas stands on one end of the city's main street, close to the river (Sungai Parwan), although in general prices do seem to be a little more expensive than their equivalents in Pontianak. In South Kalimantan, shopping opportunities are at their best around Jalan Antasari bridge, where market traders sell a large selection of tie-dyed batik (kain sasirangan).

In East Kalimantan, the shopping is very much centered around Samarinda, with a mixture of rattan furniture, wooden carvings and 'doyo' leaf cloth being available. A multitude of souvenir stores lining the Jalan Martadinata and the Jalan Slamet Riyadi. Also located in Samarinda is the popular Mesra Indah Shopping Centre, which is a substantial Western-style mall, complete with food court and fashion boutiques.