Kalimantan Hotels and Accommodation

(Kalimantan, Indonesia)

There are hotels spread all around the island of Kalimantan and its numerous beach resorts. Accommodation on Kalimantan is usually at its most popular from June to October, when rain is least likely and lodging prices understandably rise, to meet expected demand.

Hotels in West Kalimantan are to be found within the city of Pontianak, where an assortment of budget and mid-range accommodation line stretches such as the Jalan Diponegoro, the Jalan Gajah Mada, and the Jalan Imam Bonjol. Budget travellers often favour the economy rooms at the Pontianak Raya City Hotel, while those with a little more to spend should consider staying at either the Kapuas Palace or the Hotel Santika.

Where to Stay

Also in West Kalimantan, do consider the hotels lining the scenic waterfront of Sintang, where views across the Sungai Kapuas (Kapuas River) are especially desirable. The Sesean Hotel in Sintang is one such option and features its very own covered veranda, overlooking the river itself.

Relatively nearby and still in West Kalimantan, further lodging is available at Putussibau, Singkawang and at Pasir Ranjang - a leading family resort and home to the Palapa Beach Hotel, where snorkelling tours to the island of Pulau Randayan can be arranged. Next door in Tanjung Gundul, the Kura Kura Resort offers accommodation in the form of camping sites, and the seasonal chance to watch turtles laying their eggs on the neighbouring beach.

In central Kalimantan, hotels are clustered in Kumai, Muara Teweh, Pangkalan Bun and the capital city of Palangka Raya, where the best choices include the Adidas and Sakura hotels on the Jalan Ahman Yani, and the very upscale Dandang Tingang on the Jalan Yos Sudarso.

Head to South Kalimantan and you will discover that plenty of hotels reside within the sizeable city of Banjarmasin, famed for its floating markets. Accommodation in Banjarmasin generally ranges from budget to top-end, with little in between. In East Kalimantan, look for hotels in Balikpapan, Samarinda, Tenggarong and Tarakan, near to the Sabah border.