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Re. Less than a mile from the centre
Was your guide named Eddie? I think I had him too. Lovely guy, but rather jealous of his job. Tanjung National putting Park is fantastic.
Posted on 31/7/2011 by Hernando

Less than a mile from the centre
In cities anywhere in the world, especially Indonesia, it is rare to have such a vast national park near the centre - as is the case in Kalimantan with Tantung Puting National Park. I had a guide that was wonderful and showed me the ropes. The highlight of my trip to this great South East Asian country.
Posted on 17/7/2011 by Hernando

Re. Camp Leakey
The money goes to the Orangutan Foundation International, a great cause I think. Unfortunately some of the facilities haven't been renovated or replaced since the camp opened around 40 years ago though.
Posted on 11/9/2010 by Jo

Camp Leakey
I liked the national park but fancied camping out somewhere a bit more suitable for the occasion. I was told about Camp Leakey and found it to be my favourite outdoor place in the whole of Kalimantan. I wonder where all the money goes though as some of the facilities were a little run-down.
Posted on 1/8/2010 by Kirsty Cole

Kalimantan's most interesting monument
I had a great photo taken at the Equator Monument, apparently where the hemispheres are divided. Most taxi drivers know it and it is around two miles from Pontianak city centre, to the north.
Posted on 12/3/2009 by R Collins