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Taj Mahal
Last year I was lucky enough to go to Agra India. Of course I thought I must go and see the Taj Mahal. The Taj Mahal is truly stunning. When you look at it you get a pinch me am I really here feeling. It's a great sight and in the morning when they open it you can see the sky turn from a light pink to a snow white. This trip is a must not miss!

Posted on 5/11/2013 by iPad

Reflections of the Taj Mahal
Of course if you're gonna come to Agra, you're gonna come to the Taj Mahal, and rightly so. The facts and figures surrounding this palace and quite mind boggling and most of all, it is just incredibly beautiful, enhanced by the formal canals and waterways, which are linked to the River Yamuna. Everyone takes a lot of photos, often trying to do the famous Princess Diana pose on the bench. However, it really does get busy - I am BUSY, so get here as early as you can, or come later and take a picture if the Taj Mahal in the sunset. I did both, and I'm certainly no photographer, but my photos came out really well.
Posted on 16/10/2007 by Grace Maldone

The Red Fort in Agra
The Red Fort is located on the western banks of the River Yamuna and its red sandstone walls are quite breathtaking. This is one big complex and consists of various different courtyards and pavilions. You enter the fortress through the Amar Singh Pol gateway.
Posted on 22/8/2007 by Jase

My visit to the Taj Mahal gardens
We came to visit the Taj Mahal really early, and I mean REALLY EARLY - the sun had only just risen and there was an early morning fog still on the ground. This made our visit quite magical and the whole place was so lovely and quiet. We weren't the only people that had this idea, but there weren't many. We spent much of our quiet time walking around the beautiful gardens.
Posted on 14/4/2007 by Nicholas Thurstone

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