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(Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India)

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Picture of the Taj Mahal, the main reason tourists stay in AgraEach year thousands upon thousands of visitors arrive in Agra to marvel at the breathtaking architecture of the Taj Mahal, and many of these tourists are looking for places to stay. Budget hotels, mid-range accommodation and luxury hotels can all be found in Agra, many of which are within easy reach of the Taj Mahal itself and often offer views and tantalising glimpses of the structure.

Most of the hotels in Agra have rooms with their own private bathrooms, where you can enjoy the luxury of sit-down Western-style toilets and hot water. During the summer months, the accommodation at the very cheapest of the scale may actually supply hot water by the bucket, while in Agra's cooler winter months, hot water is piped in.

Air-conditioned rooms in Agra are essential between the hot months of April to July, when it is sensible to enjoy a siesta in your hotel room to escape the heat of the day, venturing outside late afternoon or early evening. The more pleasant months of November and February are especially appealing to visitors, meaning that hotels can quickly fill up and room rates rise due to increased demand.

Where to Stay

Many people looking for accommodation in Agra choose to stay in one of the many hotels within the Taj Ganj area, with popular choices located along the Taj East Gate Road, the Taj South Gate Road, and the Taj West Gate Road. A number of the hotels feature rooftop restaurants, which are known for overlooking the Taj Mahal as much as they are for their cuisine.

The city of Agra is home to a number of good mid-range lodging options, with the main hotels clustered along Fatehabad Road. Slightly more upmarket mid-range hotels can also be found in this part of Agra, verging on top-end accommodation. Other notable hotels lie on the Ajmer Road, Kutchery Road, Sanjay Place, Taj Road and also Station Road, just a short walk from Agra Cantonment Train Station. The best hotels feature good amenities, such as pools, shops, banks, a post office, fitness centres and even airline offices.