Port Louis Restaurants and Dining

(Port Louis, Mauritius)

The cuisine of Mauritius reflects the ethnic diversity of the island. It is a true menagerie of flavours from across the globe, featuring some of the best Indian, Creole, African and Asian dining that you will find anywhere in the Indian Ocean region. Port Louis, being the capital of Mauritius, is awash with different kinds of restaurants and eateries, both humble and fine. Visitors will be spoilt for choice in this foodie destination.

The dynamic resort scene in Port Louis and the surrounding area ensures plenty of upscale restaurants, where fresh seafood is a featured attraction. Even those guests staying in other towns or exclusive resorts on the coast trek into Port Louis, to take advantage of the wealth of dining and drinking options.

What to Eat, and Where

The nicer restaurants in Port Louis have pleasant outdoor dining areas and mouthwatering views that take advantage of the wonderful climate of Mauritius. However, it is worth noting that some dining establishments choose only to open for lunch, since many locals live outside of the city, working here by day.

The seafood in Port Louis is so fresh and abundant that the city never has to import any fish or crustaceans. Seafood is used in all kinds of dishes, depending on the ethnicity of the chef and the restaurant. You will also find world-class Creole curries, Indian dishes like 'dholl purri' and samosas, and even venison when it is in season. The waiter service is as you would find in most Western countries, and it is normal to tip ten percent in most of the restaurants and hotels.

The best place to begin your culinary tour of Port Louis is the Caudan Waterfront. While a bit touristy, there are few better spots in the city to stroll along the waterfront and check out the many restaurants, food courts and pubs with their happy hours. The Caudan Waterfront is widely known in Port Louis for its plentiful seafood dining, hotel restaurants and fast-food eateries, such as Pizza Hut. Other notable dining hotspots include the lively Chinatown district, the Central Market and around the bus stations, while street-side food stalls are usually fairly easy to come by.

Head inland through the city's streets and you will find even more dining options, most of which are geared towards the Port Louis locals. Another favoured destination for fine dining is the Domaine les Pailles in the Pailles Valley. This amazing old estate is home to several excellent restaurants, set among colonial-style buildings.