Attractions Nearby Madagascar, Day Trips and Excursions

(Madagascar, MG, Africa)

Photo showing Tanzania and Mount KilimanjaroMadagascar might be an island nation, but that's no reason to think that you can't explore African attractions further afield. With internal African flights relatively easy to find, a short trip to the nearby countries of Mozambique, Tanzania and South Africa on the mainland make for an interesting excursion, should time and budget allow.

Mozambique is beginning to welcome tourists, with its national parks and coastal attractions, while in Tanzania, the animals of the Serengeti really do stand out. Head out of Madagascar and into South Africa and you will probably choose Cape Town as your first port of call, followed perhaps by some time exploring Johannesburg.

Picture of the Dar es Salaam cityscape


The relatively nearby country of Tanzania (officially named the United Republic of Tanzania) boasts diverse attractions, from national parks and superb beaches to fascinating historic monuments and museums. The Serengeti National Park and Zanzibar's beaches are undoubtedly at the top of most visitors' 'must-do' lists, along with the Mahale Mountains National Park and a trip up Mount Kilimanjaro. If you like to travel in comfort, then the safari parks in the north of Tanzania are your best bet. For travellers who prefer to head off the beaten track, Tanzania's southern regions offer a chance to really explore. Otherwise, the cities of Dodoma (the capital) and Dar es Salaam deserve some attention.


Bearing in mind Mozambique's troubled past, it may not be your first thought for an ideal holiday destination. However, in recent years the advent of peace has meant that tourism has started to pick up. Neighbouring islands and great beaches mean that there's plenty of scope for sun, sea and sand. There are also several safari options, including the Gorongsa National Park. The capital city of Maputo is an enticing city with all of the usual attractions, including great African markets and interesting museums, as well as plentiful street cafes and salsa bars.

Further Mozambican highlights include the Bazaruto Archipelago and its scuba diving opportunities, and the colonial villas, traditional fishing boats (dhows) and exclusive resorts at the Quirimbas Archipelago. Formerly the capital and connected to the mainland by a lengthy causeway, the Ilha de Mocambique is steeped in Portuguese heritage and comes with white-washed churches, grand mansions and historic buildings, with many being clustered around the town of Makuti.

Photograph showing Cape Town's famous Table Mountain, South Africa

South Africa

Nearby South Africa provides a taste of everything from the traditional safari experience of the Kruger National Park and sand-and-sun holidays, to the vibrant city life in the likes of Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, Pretoria and Port Elizabeth. Cape Town is the legislative capital and is famous all over the world for its iconic Table Mountain, whilst also being home to quality attractions such as the Victoria and Albert Waterfront, the Two Oceans Aquarium, beautiful botanical gardens, nearby Robben Island, and the much-loved penguins of Boulders Beach. Johannesburg is widely associated with its gold-mining heritage and today comes with tall skyscrapers, a historic zoo and many quality museums, such as MuseuMAfrica and the Johannesburg Art Gallery. Good road networks and internal flight services throughout South Africa mean that it is fairly easy to travel around this country.