Getting Around, Abu Simbel Travel, Transport and Car Rental

(Abu Simbel, Egypt)

Image of Lake NasserThe village of Abu Simbel is generally quite small enough to walk around simply by foot, although those intending to travel Egyptian destinations further afield will find that buses are really the main transport option. Buses travelling from Abu Simbel regularly transport passengers to Aswan, although the number of foreign passengers on each journey is limited. However, most bus drivers generally choose to turn a blind eye to this rule.

Tourists who travel from Aswan as a simple day trip are advised to try and arrive early in the morning, so that the crowds which flock to the Temple of Ramses II (Ramesses) can be avoided to some extent. An early arrival time in Abu Simbel will ensure that you make the absolute most of your visit to the temples and have enough time to properly sightsee without feeling rushed. However, if transport constraints mean that you time visiting the temples is limited, you will still find the trip to Abu Simbel more than worth any effort and a real highlight of any holiday in Egypt.

Photo taken at the city's very own airport (ABS)

Abu Simbel Airport (ABS) / Arriving by Air

Being such a major tourist destination in Egypt, Abu Simbel is home to its very own domestic airport. Regular flights travelling to and from Aswan are operated by Egyptian airlines such as both Air Memphis and also EgyptAir. Tourists holidaying in Cairo and wishing to visit Abu Simbel as a day trip will be able to reach the temples by a two-stage flight, flying from Cairo to Aswan, and then from Aswan to Abu Simbel. Most flights take less than one hour and if possible, do try to sit by a window, since the views are often spectacular.

Picture of main road

Car Rental

The village of Abu Simbel is not accessible for tourists wishing to drive, due to restrictions by police. Generally most people travelling along the roads from Aswan do so by using bus transport, or if you are permitted to drive, you will require a police convoy.

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Buses and Coaches

A variety of different buses link Abu Simbel with Aswan, ranging from minibuses to large luxury coaches, with guided tours throw in as part of the package. Many buses travelling to the temples from Aswan do so at night (around 03:30 or 04:00), particularly during the summer months, so that the heat of the day is avoided and the journey is more comfortable.

If you are travelling to Aswan or other destinations by day, do try and choose an early morning departure time and use air-conditioned buses if at all possible. Those wishing to travel by long-distance bus will be able to book their journey through most hotels, or alternatively at the central tourist office or even as your board the bus itself. Bus transport to and from both Abu Simbel and Aswan tends to travel in a convoy and the journey time is usually around three or four hours, with buses departing outside of the Wady El Nile Restaurant on the main road.

Boats and Ferries

Tourists will find that it is possible to travel onboard a large, luxury cruise ship through Lake Nasser, right to the way to Aswan or even further. You can be assured that this will be a very scenic journey, with plenty to see along the way.