Abu Simbel Restaurants and Dining

(Abu Simbel, Egypt)

City and Nile viewLarge numbers of tourists certainly don't come to Abu Simbel every year for its restaurants and fine dining, although there are plenty of places where you can find a snack. Many visitors simply come to Abu Simbel for the day, visiting Temple of Ramses II and the Temple of Nefertari, and often bringing their own food and drink.

However, those visiting the temples will find a small cafe cum restaurant onsite, offering a fairly basic dining experience, with a limited choice of meals. The cafe is located next to the ticket office and the food on offer tends to be a little more pricey than normal.

Image of Lake NasserAs with any Egyptian food, when dining out in Abu Simbel, do avoid anything that may have been washed in tap water, since it can cause diarrhoea or sickness, due to its high levels of bacteria. Bear in mind that food from restaurants is at its safest when it is served piping hot, rather than luke warm.

Where to Eat

Do consider bringing bottled water when you arrive, since with the Egyptian sun shining down on the temples, it can become hot and stuffy inside, and you will find the visit all the more enjoyable if you are not thirsty on the way round.

Different view of Lake NasserFor the best selection of restaurants and cafes in Abu Simbel, take a stroll along the main road, where a number are clustered together.

Particularly popular dining choices on the main road include both the Wady El Nile and also the Nubian Oasis, where various Egyptian national dishes are often available.

These include favourites such as Ful medames (mashed fava beans), Kushari (rice, lentils, macaroni, chickpeas, garlic and tomato) or Corchorus (herb-like green leaf vegetable).