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Temple of Ramesses II
The whole temple is incredible, and I really enjoyed my visit. It was my favourite part of my trip to Egypt, and being one of the first things I saw, it rather ruined the pleasure of seeing everything else, although I still liked it. You must go here if you are in Egypt, although after my experience, I advise you leave it until the end of your visit.
Posted on 31/8/2014 by Ben Marsh

Re. Where past and present meet
I'm really glad you enjoyed Abu Simbel. Sorry to be a pain, maybe you forgot in all the excitement, but the ruins and temple were actually uprooted and perfectly moved to their current location without any harm at all. This makes this attraction even more special in my book!
Posted on 19/9/2011 by Madeleine O.

Where past and present meet
I was almost moved to tears at the Abu Simbel ruins and did far more than just take photos. The local tourism authorities are well aware of the importance of this attraction and do their best to educate visitors on how the temple was constructed as well as other important elements of its history. I can't believe it's been there for so long.
Posted on 28/2/2011 by Alex Perry

Re. an entertaining evening
Mr A Porteus, you can also enjoy Sound and Light show at Philae. To there, you can find regular transport from cities such as Aswan. Hope this helps you!
Posted on 25/7/2010 by Ebo

An entertaining evening
Not one for being drawn in by the glitz and glamour that these over-the-top sound and light shows bring to the table, but thought we might as well help the kids learn a bit more this way than simply having them walk around the ruins all day reading little displays. It turned out that I ended up quite enjoying myself and would definitely go again. I'm all ears to any others in the country.
Posted on 14/7/2010 by A Porteus

Needs to be seen to be believed
The Nefertari Temple of Hathor at Abu Simbel is exactly the kind of attraction you see on the documentaries or in the brochures for Egypt and perhaps one for the lovers given that Ramesses 2 constructed it for his 'favourite' wife. Despite that, it's suitable for the whole of the family.
Posted on 12/2/2009 by A Fredericks