Abu Simbel Shopping and Districts

(Abu Simbel, Egypt)

Lakeside view of the cityIf you have a break during your time sightseeing at Abu Simbel's spectacular temples, then you may be interesting in a spot of shopping. There are actually a good selection of different gift shops and souvenir stalls close to the car park and the bus stop, selling a range of souvenirs relating to Abu Simbel and Egypt as a whole.

When shopping in Abu Simbel, all of the vendors have one thing in common - they expect you to haggle and try to negotiate a better price. This need not be intimidating and can actually be quite a fun part of you trip. Treat the haggling as a bit of fun and always remain polite.

Photo of the temples and lakefront

Where to Shop

Those looking for souvenirs of Abu Simbel and the temples will find postcards, magnets, T-shirts, guidebooks, figurines, pottery, cameras and more - everything that you would expect, generally at a reasonable price. If you are feeling thirsty, most of the gift shops also sell bottled mineral water.

Inside the temples, photography is strictly prohibited. Therefore, if you wish to remember your visit to Abu Simbel in any kind of detail, then one of the very inexpensive photo books that are sold outside of the entrance are well worth the money, containing 20 or do decent pictures taking inside both the Temple of Ramses II (Ramesses) and the Temple of Nefertari.