Abu Simbel Hotels and Accommodation

(Abu Simbel, Egypt)

View showing the grounds of the luxury Seti HotelIn general, most tourists visiting Abu Simbel don't tend to stay overnight, instead coming to the temples as just a day trip. Therefore, the few hotels in Abu Simbel are regularly quite empty and to make up for poor accommodation levels, rooms rates are usually quite expensive.

However, worth noting, hotels do dramatically reduce prices during the hot, summer months, in an attempt to entice more visitors. If you can, do consider find accommodation for the night, since the sunrise over the Temple of Ramses II (Ramesses) is truly a sight worth savouring.

Picture of swimming pool at the Seti Hotel

Where to Stay

One of the very cheapest options that presents itself is known as Abu Simbel Village and features simply vaulted rooms, which are situated around a central courtyard area. Also, for something a little more upscale and luxurious, the Seti Abu Simbel is the area's one and only five-star hotel and boasts more than 130 rooms.

Many of the Seti's guest rooms come with a view, with chalet-style accommodation overlooking the very scenic Lake Nasser. The Seti is also home to an excellent restaurant, which offers good buffet-style breakfasts.

Photo of gardens at the five-star Seti HotelAnother Western-style hotel in Abu Simbel is the aptly named Nefertari on Ayiou Antoniou Street, which is just a stone's throw from the Temple of Nefertari itself and also fairly basic, the accommodation here is more than adequate.

For traditional Egyptian lodging and some very different a 'normal' hotels, consider staying at the Eskaleh. Abu Simbel's Nubian building is actually constructed with mud-bricks and features just five guest rooms, where accommodation has a strong emphasis on local culture. There is even a terrace area and restaurant with lake views.