Democratic Republic of the Congo Towns, Cities, Locations and Districts

(Democratic Republic of the Congo - DRC, CD, Central Africa)

Kinshasa picture, showing the Boulevard du 30 JuinVisiting the towns and cities of the Democratic Republic of the Congo may be difficult at times as a consequence of the current civil unrest and poor transport facilities.

It is always worthwhile checking on the prevailing situation when planning any trip outside of the capital city of Kinshasa. However, if internal travel is practicable, the Democratic Republic of the Congo's main towns and cities do offer a variety of things to see and do. Planning an itinerary well is essential if you wish to make the most of your time, and do be aware that local transport is not always on time.

Downtown view of Kinshasa


Kinshasa is the capital city of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Despite the political troubles that have beset the country, Kinshasa remains a lively city, with bustling markets and a lively nightlife. Whilst there's not much to see by way of historic monuments or museums, it's worth a visit if just to experience an African city that remains relatively untouched by tourism. More information about Kinshasa.


Once a bustling town, Pweto is much quieter nowadays. The town's biggest attraction is nearby Lake Moero, a popular haunt of local fishermen. Here, the resident 'ndakal' fish are caught at night, with the aid of floating lamps.


Some 350 km / 217 miles from Lubumbashi, Kashobwe has grown from a village into a small town in recent years. Today, the town is served by an airstrip, hospital and schools.

Lubumbashi city centre photo


Located close to the border with Zambia, Lubumbashi is the second-largest city in this country. Founded over a hundred years ago as a mining camp, the city is still home to an active mining industry, particularly copper. Whilst there aren't many major attractions as such in Lubumbashi, it is a pleasant enough place to stay. A variety of leisure activities, including golf and tennis, are on offer. Tours of the mining areas of Lubumbashi are also available and can be very interesting.


The town of Kasenga is a port on the Luapula River. Ferries regularly make the 200-km / 124-mile trip to Lubumbashi from here. Of particular interest is the town's bustling market, a picturesque affair of thatch-roofed stalls, hustle and bustle, and local handicrafts.

Goma image, showing the shore of Lake Kivu


Goma is located on the eastern side of the country and alongside the northerly shorelne of Lake Kivu, just 1 km / 0.6 miles from the border with Rwanda. Its location and international airport mean that Goma is always a busy transit point for visitors to the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Nearby attractions include the Virunga National Park and the Mount Nyiragongo volcano. The latter actually erupted as recently as 2002, sending a stream of lava through the centre of Goma and destroying a large part of the city.


Originally known as Stanleyville because of its proximity to the Falls Station founded by the explorer Henry Stanley, Kisangani is home to some interesting colonial buildings. The trip between Kisangani and the capital city of Kinshasa some 1,000 km / 621 miles away used to be made by boat along the River Congo, although this is no longer always possible.