Democratic Republic of the Congo Restaurants and Dining

(Democratic Republic of the Congo - DRC, CD, Central Africa)

Photo taken in Kalemie, showing the historic Hotel du Lac buildingThe selection of restaurants in the Democratic Republic of the Congo can be variable, depending on where you are staying. However, in major towns and cities, such as Kinshasa and Lubumbashi, visitors should have a relatively good selection of eateries, offering both local dishes and international dining.

Restaurants and other eateries often open early, around 08:30 and stay open until late in the evening. The warm evenings are especially conducive to al fresco dining, suiting those holiday makers looking for a meal to remember.

What to Eat

Cassava bread is a traditional staple in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This is usually served with a sauce based on palm oil and side dishes of vegetables and meat. Pork, beef and goat are most commonly found in traditional dishes. Freshwater prawns from the River Congo are also a delicacy, if rather expensive.

A popular snack food in the Katanga province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo is 'kikanda', made from a mixture of peanut flour, kikanda root flour and onions, and sold from street stalls.

Where to Eat

In Kinshasa, there is a relatively good selection of dining establishments, ranging from those which serve traditional Congolese dishes to those which offer international-style cuisine. Many of the larger hotels also have their own restaurants.

Street stalls sell traditional fast food, including bush meat. In addition, there are a large number of eateries which offer pizzas and burgers, as well as cheaper options for those on a budget. Most of Kinshasa's restaurants can be found in the Cité area, around the Boulevard du 30 Juin.

In Lubumbashi, the selection of restaurants is more limited than in Kinshasa. The Bush Camp on the outskirts is a particularly popular tourist haunt, with an authentic game lounge atmosphere and a menu headed up by game meat and traditional Congolese stews.