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Seeing the Bonobo Monkeys
Seeing the bonobo monkeys was nice, but I was unable to understand the tour for part of the time I was there, as the guide spoke in French to start with, and didn't realise there were non French speakers on the tour. He eventually found out though, and I learned a lot, and I was impressed to find out that the bonobos were almost as clever as humans. The drive took a while, and it wasn't a highlight of my holiday, but I would go if you have a few hours free and you are in the Kinshasa area.
Posted on 25/8/2014 by E Storey

Mangrove Park
We visit the mangroves by Muanda. Nice experience, with the local village's but we didn't see much of animal's. It's now national park and the animal live will be protected. Next year there will also be feeding to attract the animals to certain places.

Posted on 3/11/2012 by Kristof Lafosse

Great Guide
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Posted on 5/6/2012 by Anon

Re. the best lake
I recommend Lake Ma Valle too, but you should also visit Zongo Falls if you long to be by the water. It's also not too far from Kinhasa centre. In Goma, Lake Kivu is just as good.
Posted on 30/1/2012 by Ms Grayling

Congo's best lake
We were in the centre of Kinhasa but fancied a bit of scenery. It was recommended that we go to Lake Ma Valle and what a recommendation that was! Admittedly there wasn't that much to see in and around the lake itself but you can't possibly put a price on how relaxing and serene the place was for the couple of hours we spent there.
Posted on 30/1/2012 by Grant Edwards

Re. A night at the museum
That's a great museum and anyone interested in the historical aspect can check out all the artefacts at the one that is on Kinhasa University's campus. There are records that date back to long before colonialism too.
Posted on 28/9/2011 by Jannie

A night at the museum
Ok, so we went in the day and not at night but the National Museum didn't feel like a waste of a afternoon at all. It's easy to find in the centre of the capital and is home to rare exhibits of art from Zaire.
Posted on 20/8/2011 by Lewis Cantrell

Re. best known mountains
I too would recommend this as Edgar did but would say that packing your thermals is essential as the top is as cold as you're ever going to be in Africa!
Posted on 28/4/2010 by Lys

Congo's best known mountains and volcanoes
Coming from a country known for being flat, the Netherlands, we are always interested in mountains. Most of our business was in Kinhasa, the capital, but we just had to book trips to Mount Nyiragongo mountains and volcanoes. Be prepared to trek at least 5 hours but also as much prepare to love the world's biggest lava lake!
Posted on 4/4/2010 by Edgar