Santa Ana Maps and Orientation

(Santa Ana, California - CA, USA)

Being roughly equidistant between Anaheim and Irvine, the city of Santa Ana resides in the far southerly portion of California, within driving distance of the great metropolis that is Los Angeles. In fact, the city actually belongs to the huge Greater Los Angeles Area.

Santa Ana sits in the county of Orange, where it is the second-largest city and also the county seat itself. A population of more than 330,000 people means that this city is just outside the top ten largest cities in California, after Anaheim and slightly ahead of Riverside, in terms of populous.

Maps show how the city of Santa Ana lies on a series of relatively low-lying and flat plains, with little change in overall elevation levels. The western side of the city is intersected by the Santa Ana River, which is a fairy seasonal waterway following the arrival of both the Prado and Seven Oaks dams, built in 1941 and 1993 respectively.

Maps and Orientation of the City

The cityscape of Santa Ana comprises a number of distinct neighborhoods and districts. In the very heart of the city is the downtown district, which is home to a mixture of shops and restaurants, as well as some houses and the bustling Santa Ana Civic Center, where the Ronald Reagan Federal Building and Courthouse is a particular highlight.

On the northern side of the downtown district is the Midtown area, which is situated along Main Street and is where you will find some of the city's principal attractions, such as both the Bowers Museum and the Discovery Science Center. Lying on the easterly side of the city is the popular tourist attraction of Santa Ana Zoo, which draws in many families on a sunny day.

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Map of Santa Ana